iEquals formula solving iOS apps are brought to you by Mathieu Leclerc. Please let him know what you think of these fine products by sending an email to info@iequalsapp.com

Mathieu Leclerc, BEng, is the founder of ES App Development, co-creator of http://calculatES.ca, and developer of iEquals Formula Solvers. He has a range of competencies with the most recent being chemical engineering, project management, and web development.

Mathieu has a BEng in Chemical Engineering from Lakehead University (2012) and a Diploma of Technology in Chemical Sciences from British Columbia Institute of Technology (2006). He is actively strengthening his core knowledge base in Project Management by taking online courses offered through the University of British Columbia and is expecting to obtain a post-baccalaureate Certificate in PM by year’s end (2013).

Mathieu was awarded with Certificates of Appreciation for his roles as Vice President and Class Representative of the Lakehead University Student Chapter of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, March 2011 and March 2010, respectively.